Kindle 2.0: When Will It Become an Internet Device?

I'll admit I'm something of a Kindle detractor. The first device, though popular, was awkward and lacked features in my view -- but it was very exciting and promising in other respects. The new Kindle device (apparently pictured on the right, though it may be a fake image) is set to arrive this month.

It looks to me like a giant iPod Touch with a keyboard. There are some additional screenshots here.

Kindle has built-in access to Sprint's 3G network in the background to enable over the air downloads.

E-books are great for planes and business travel, but the real action and future for this device -- or others like it if it fails to seize the opportunity -- is as a mobile Internet access tool (and multi-media viewing device). I wonder if Internet access will be mentioned when it debuts in the next couple weeks?

Of course, if it were to become a mobile Internet device, there would need to be an explicit mobile data plan commitment by consumers. There would also need to be a touchscreen added to Kindle (Sony's new eBook Reader has one) to fully realize the mobile Internet opportunity inherent in this tablet.