Today, the digital age rules the world. The Internet has become accessible to all population segments, so many digital market sectors are expanding. Computerization has changed society beyond recognition, so smartphones, tablets, and computers have become our universal helpers in almost every aspect of human activity. They help us with education, work, and everyday life.

The rapid development of mobile applications would not have been possible without the impact of information technology. Today, the global market is actively developing the entertainment sector. The more efficient modern mobile devices, the more diverse the specialized software. The entertainment industry is influenced by information technology, too. So today, society has many mobile applications to relax or just have fun.

The gambling industry adds great apps for casino games daily. The developers create realistic simulations of legendary slot machines on One Win Lucky Jet, and each finds its consumers. In this article, we’ll look at the impact of innovation in online gambling and find out how the mobile app industry has changed the world.

one win Lucky Jet
Lucky Jet

The impact of mobile apps on the gambling industry: the role of online stores

Mobile app stores have a huge impact on the gambling industry and the promotion of new projects. The most popular are Apple’s App Store and Android’s Google Play Store. Their intersection manifests itself in the following effects:

  1. Monetization is one of the main reasons modern online casinos try to distribute their projects on store platforms. The fact is that they are actively cooperating with developers, so when the studio makes a profit, then online casinos make a profit, too.
  2. Unofficial mobile app stores have built-in purchases, subscriptions, and other payment options that are used in gambling. Also, such platforms often develop infrastructure for monetizing applications and games. This benefits casinos since they need to develop in a commercial direction. When they create tools to promote their projects outside their websites, their platforms evolve and get more customers. Moreover, there is a rule that the more new customers a company has, the more regular customers it gets. And loyal clients are the main source of profit for any company, including casinos.
  3. Also, online casinos get the opportunity to promote their projects through ratings and reviews that users and marketers do for their games. Mobile app stores are a great platform to increase the popularity of online games and gambling.

Mobile app store policies have an impact on the gambling industry, too. This applies to official mobile app stores, such as Google Play and App Store, and popular informal platforms, which exist in huge numbers, including the thematic ones. The fact that these platforms have certain rules and regulations regarding gambling. These regulations vary from country to country, but the essence remains the same. So, they may have restrictions on advertising gambling, age restrictions for accessing them, and licensing and regulatory requirements.

In addition, the gambling community offers users non-commercial products. One is the Lucky Jet bot, created to help gamblers create new algorithms for this game. They make this project more fun and help users create unique methods that win them and increase the fun of playing.

Some issues in online stores and the gambling industry intersection

Casino game
Casino game

Some experts believe that the distribution of gambling apps in mobile app stores can hurt society and individuals. This view is quite justified since different states apply different instruments of gambling market regulation. Moreover, gambling can cause problems with psychological addiction. Mobile app stores provide users with easy access to gambling, so it can pose a threat to those who are affected by this addiction. This can lead to serious problems in life. Among them are financial difficulties and psychological and family problems.

In addition, the spread of gambling through mobile app stores may increase the risk that minors will be able to access these games without the necessary controls. As a result, cognitive impairments appear in the child’s brain, which can spoil his future life. What’s more, worldwide regulation of gambling apps in mobile app stores is not enough, so the risks for underage users are increasing.

The presence of gambling in app stores causes ethical debate by itself. Some experts believe that such projects can encourage harmful behavior and encourage gamblers to spend large amounts of money in hasty ways. Because of this, many people are increasingly convinced that the distribution of gambling products, such as the Lucky Jet app or other projects, should not go beyond the websites of online casinos. However, the Google Play and App Store still provide many casino games today.


Mobile apps play an important role in the gambling industry. For gambling, this impact is beneficial. For example, users can start the Lucky Jet download from many online stores. Thanks to this, online casinos get more new customers, and the game developer increases its profits.

So, using the example of Lucky Jet online, we found out why the world casino business has benefited through the work of mobile app stores. Today, the gambling industry is transforming and is reaching a new level of progress. Distributing game projects on store platforms is one of the best ways to advertise online casinos, and marketers will probably invent many more innovative and modern ways of doing it.