Today, progress in mobile software is irreversible. It is leading humanity into the future, and it is not a meaningless statement. The fact is that mobile apps have become our helpers. So, we use a smartphone to make our everyday lives, spend study hours and process professional tasks more comfortable.

Not only official applications from operating system developers are useful. There are also so-called third-party applications. Each of them helps users unlock the potential of official programs. Then you can start using their features to the maximum. Among them is the Instagram profile viewer. This app allows users to view stories of other accounts and remain anonymous.

In this article, we will look at some tools. Each of them helps users view Instagram stories and not be wary that their creator will see them in the list of viewers.

View Instagram stories anonymously: apps and main factors

Privacy is an important component of modern virtual life. The reality is that for social media users, it is pretty clear when you visit their pages and spend online activities there. Also, official applications from developers of the mobile operating system do not match users’ wishes. The fact is, they usually want to remain anonymity on the Internet. To make their online activities more private, users have to visit unofficial websites and download third-party apps from there.

Instagram is a popular social network, which allows users to share photos and videos as well as stories. Without such tools, it would be much more difficult for us to learn about new events in the lives of our acquaintances and colleagues.

Stories are an interesting feature of Instagram. They allow users to post content, which is automatically deleted after 24 hours after posting. The fact is that stories’ creators can find out who has seen their content, in a special list. You can get away from this and keep your anonymity.

Consider the basic tools, which will help you in this.

  • IG viewer. The general benefit of this app is its main feature. It allows users to visit Instagram even if they do not have an account on this social network. With this tool, you can view the personnel content without registering. Also, if you have an account and want to use this social network in the authorised mode, it will make your visits to other pages completely anonymous. This private Instagram viewer has a web tool, which you can use on the base of the computer. This program is free and does not require a monthly subscription. If you want to thank the developer, you can donate to the website.
  • InstaStoriesViewer. This is another useful tool for anonymous viewing of Instagram stories. All you need to do is enter the nickname of the user whose content you are interested in. Also, this web program has an addon for smartphones. It is situated for videos you can download through special elements of the website interface. It does not require the user to log in or to sign in. This service is free too, and you can use it at any time of the day.
  • Instasaved. In addition to viewing stories anonymously, this website allows users of computers and smartphones to download stories. It has been tested by a million users and works perfectly on any platform. It does not use sensitive user information, such as usernames or passwords. You don’t need to enter a user’s nickname, either. So, you can just copy the link to the profile. After that, you will visit this profile anonymously. Then enter it in the search bar of this web service.

Thus, we found out which tools are the easiest and safest to use to visit pages on Instagram anonymously. We wish you a pleasant Internet surfing and full privacy online!