Here Comes the Android G2?

The BGR is reporting on a rumor that by April we'll see a T-Mobile G2. The HTC device would have no physical keyboard, which is somewhat ironic given that this is the main differentiator between the G1 and the iPhone (aside from the open Android market). The G1 is also from HTC.

Remember this is a rumor but if it's true it signals a growing bias against physical keyboards in favor of thinner and sleeker smartphones. The BlackBerry Storm is indicative of that trend. The forthcoming Samsung Android device (T-Mobile, Sprint) may or may not have one; it's not yet clear.

The Agora Android devices in Australia have phyical keypads but they don't slide out.  


Related: Here's a video of the forthcoming virtual keyboard for the G1. And here's a (probably fake) image of a rumored iPhone Nano. There were previously false rumors of a $99 iPhone to be sold at Wal-Mart.

Google also reportedly replaced cash bonuses with Android mobile phones for many of its employees.