It’s a simple but useful app for mobile devices that allows you to make a second monitor for a PC from your gadget. You just need to connect two devices via a USB cable. This is the main feature and difference from similar apps. This connection gives you access to a high resolution and, as a result, a high-quality image with an increased frame rate.

You can connect not only a mobile device with a PC, but also with a Mac. It’s another feature of the app. Generally, it is an additional monitor for your computer, on which you can place the apps you need, and perform various actions with these them. For example, the “second” monitor can be used as a rendering screen for Photoshop or AutoCAD, but the main calculations are performed on the main monitor.

The app supports Windows 7 with the Aero theme. If necessary, you can change the orientation to portrait or landscape in the settings. It is enabled in automatic mode by default.