There are a variety of options. However, not all of them can be described as useful telephone applications. It is difficult enough to deal with this problem because each application is designed to perform certain functions.

Which apps are needed for the phone: mini-overview

  • Modern phones require large storage for efficient operation. The video and photo take up a lot of space; as a result, the device may start to work incorrectly. This problem disappears if you install Pocket. Having an application on the device, which dates back to 2014, allows not using the device’s memory.
  • Viber is a useful mobile program that appeared in the world a few years ago. Today, there is a similar Facebook Messenger. It has impeccable functionality. It is in the list of the best mobile applications, allowing to quickly exchanging not only photos but also video materials. You can also make calls with these programs.

  • Physical activity. Today, such services are very popular. The choice is large, but if it is important to find the best that allows you to track activity, you can look at Google Fit. Note that the program automatically calculates the distance traveled and the number of calories burned per time.
  • Increasing productivity. This feature also applies to useful applications for the device. The best option is Focus Lock, which is adapted to work with Android. With this program, you can control all the applications on the device and if they are harmful to the operation of the device, the program will automatically disable them.
  • The calendar. It’s not the most popular and useful program, but many users use it very often. Using this program allows you to spread your schedule by one month or simply to display the necessary reminders on a certain day of the year. Accomplish is a calendar that combines several tasks. This makes planning even more convenient.

Only you can decide which apps your phone should have. In any case, you should have no difficulty finding or installing all these programs. The most pleasant part of this process is that most of these programs are provided to users by their developers for free. Try to select only the most necessary applications for your phone, as this will allow you to extract the maximum possible from your mobile device.