The supposed anonymity of Bitcoins has confused many cryptocurrency users who have decided that they can buy, sell, and use digital money to pay freely. Blockchain openness is private, and the fact is that any user can check the individual wallet and see its cash balance, as well as the addresses of senders and recipients of Bitcoins.

Despite this, this information is of little value if the user does not know who the wallet holder is. However, this is the main factor of vulnerability. As a rule, the user interacts with cryptocurrency through the mediation of traditional financial platforms. Among them are banking institutions, exchange offices, and electronic wallets.

For users to be able to use them to transfer and store their dollars, rubles, euros, and other national currencies that are used to purchase or withdraw Bitcoin, these users must be verified. This is the moment when the information about the owner of a crypto wallet may become not confidential.

After that, if the attacker uses the blockchain, he will be able to figure out the amount of money a particular user has and do it without difficulty. You have probably already guessed how unpleasant a factor is if such information becomes available to government authorities or criminal organizations.

You should use special mobile applications and online platforms, such as mixer, to protect yourself from such troubles.


The essence of BTC mixers

The mixer for cryptocurrency is an electronic platform where users send their digital money to conduct secure and untraceable transactions. The essence of the work of a BTC mixer is that it mixes sender coins and redirects them to the right place through different channels at different times to interrupt the blockchain and eliminate the possibility of tracking the sender and receiver.

BTC mixer charges a small fee for its use. At the same time, they do not store any transaction data, and the mixing algorithms function so that no one can trace these microtransactions and detect any sequences in the blockchain.

As a result, Bitcoin network users can enjoy anonymous, fast, and cheap transactions. You don’t have to do anything special for that, and all you need is to master any online platform or mobile application that has similar features.

Why do users need these mixers?

There is a mistaken belief that such platforms are needed only by those users who want to hide certain information. All other users can not worry about this and rely on the reliability and integrity of cryptocurrency exchangers, banks, and electronic wallets. However, this is often not the case:

  1. This is affected by the fact that such websites are forced to make their databases public for law enforcement.
  2. Some of them are ready to sell any valuable information about their users.
  3. You can’t guarantee that intruders won’t hack your cloud storage.

You should consider that such information may fall into the hands of fraudsters. You can’t guarantee that some unknown people will come to you another day and demand your confidential information to steal your Bitcoins. We are sure you do not want to get into such an unpleasant situation, so you should take appropriate measures.

Especially since you only need to start using simple and reliable Bitcoin mixers. You will not pay a large commission for using them; however, you will get secure, anonymous transactions.