DOG VPN is easy to use and very reliable VPN to avoid multiple locks. This app was developed specifically for Android and it allows users to connect to any websites that are blocked by ISPs.

Once this application is released, they will not be able to track the location of the Internet user and limit his actions on the Internet. Another useful feature of DOG VPN is blocking annoying ads. It provides a high level of security in process of working with social networks and gives its users comfort when using streaming video. This program has a free version with functionality that many users are satisfied with. If you want to unlock all the features of DOG VPN, we advise you to buy the full version.

DOG VPN includes various useful options that can facilitate user control over the behavior of its device. Speed Monitor allows you to track the speed of connection to the Internet. Game Boost allows you to optimize mobile games so that they are as stable as possible.

You will have no difficulty using the application interface to configure the connection to the available IP server. Your Internet security will grow too. DOG VPN uses special encryption protocols. That’s why you can be safe in using public WiFi networks. Your personal information is not stolen.

VPN for all occasions

This app has a lot of useful features. This is different than other VPNs. The most important feature is a free connection to the VPN network. The program interface is easy and easy for every user. You can understand how to use the program in seconds. You can also learn about the features of the current Internet connection.

After downloading and installing this apk app  you will see the possibility to get a consultation in the technical support service. This will help you if you want to find out anything about the program. The chat with technical support is very convenient. Specialists will give you complete answers to all your questions.

DOG VPN has four main functions.

  • high reliability level of VPN;
  • high connection speed to blocked sites;
  • masking the real IP with one click;
  • possibility of connection to international VPN servers.

Thanks to the appearance of special sites you can easily download free Android applications, which will help you in different situations. You can download apk to learn about the variety of available versions of the program. Visit the online catalog site right now.