Bringing the 'Real Internet' to Mobile

The Wall Street Journal covers a push by Adobe into mobile (also in the BBC) in an effort to make the mobile Internet more like the desktop:

Adobe's agreement with cellphone makers Sony Ericsson, Nokia Corp., LG Electronics Inc., and Motorola Inc. is part of a broader move by industry players to improve the mobile Web browsing experience.

The iPhone currently doesn't support Flash but Adobe has pledged to gain Apple's acceptance.

On the broader project of making the mobile Internet more like the desktop, there are several companies working on improving the mobile browsing experience including Opera, Mozilla, Skyfire and Microsoft. Here's a video demo of Skyfire (just got my beta invite).

One question all this raise is: Will mobile applications and mobile Internet sites (WAP) become unnecessary or otherwise marginalized? Even though mobile Safari renders the full Internet (save flash) the best experience is still provided on apps built specifically for the device.

Another question is about advertising. The ads on these "full Internet" mobile browsers don't render well and are too small in most cases to be effective. So that presents a problem for monetization that will need to be solved if these browsers become the standard.