UK Survey: Email and Social Networking Most Popular for Mobile Users

UK-based Webcredible surveyed 1,100 UK mobile users between February and April 2009 about their behavior. (Calls and SMS messages were excluded.) Here's what the results showed:

  • 52% "are now using the mobile Internet."
  • 55% of mobile Internet users were accessing email and using it for social networking (infer: mainly checking in at Facebook, etc. via mobile). Broken down: 39% of mobile Internet users were "mostly using email;" 16% "favour social networking." 
  • 13% of mobile Internet users accessed sports or news, 12% used maps & directions, while 4% used it for local or travel
  • 48% total respondents "said that they performed none of these tasks on their mobile phones."

In our recent survey just under 30% were accessing the mobile Internet. Here's the mobile content hierarchy (aided) according to those results:

  1. Email
  2. Send instant messages
  3. Weather information
  4. Games
  5. Search engines
  6. Maps and driving directions
  7. News and sports information
  8. Local business search
  9. Social networking
  10. Movies, show times
  11. Local restaurants and reviews
  12. Product information shopping
  13. Financial information
  14. Adult content
  15. Other types of content