Dial Directions First to Launch Voice for the iPhone

Beating out a host of other, larger companies working on speech for the iPhone, startup Dial Directions has introduced "Say Where," a speech application for local business search, reviews and maps & directions. Using the Safari browser it can tap into sites like MapQuest, Google Maps, YellowPages.com, Yelp and so on.

Arguably the greatest weakness of the iPhone is the keyboard, which takes considerable "getting used to." Say Where by-passes the keyboard entirely. Here's a video demo of the application in action.

Dial Directions began as a way to speak locations into any handset and get SMS based directions back. However what the company has really built is an impressive speech platform that transcends maps & directions. That's what the new Say Where application showcases -- the broader speech capability of the company's platform. 

The application officially launches today at the DEMO conference in San Diego, California.