iPhone 3.0 Software Upgrade: Cut 'n' Paste & More

Perhaps to head the Palm Pre off at the pass, Apple introduced a range of new software features and capabilities for the iPhone. Among the most important ones:

  • Search your iPhone (spotlight extends across apps and content)
  • Cut, copy, and paste (long requested)
  • Send photos, contacts, audio files, and location via MMS
  • Read and compose email and text messages in landscape
  • Maps can now be embedded within apps

Gizmodo has a complete rundown of the features. And FastCompany offers a comparison of the forthcoming Pre and the iPhone 3.0 software upgrade.

There are many more APIs for developers as well. If you want to spend lots more time reading about these features, go to Techmeme

Stats from the Apple event (via VB):

  • 25,000 apps in the apps store
  • 800 million downloads (probably will hit a billion very soon)
  • 30 million owners of the platform: iPhone + iPod Touch (that's the market for apps)


Related: HTC plans to release three more Android-based phones this year. HTC is Windows Mobile's largest OEM; however Microsoft is "diversifying" via other OEMs such as LG.