Video of Improved Windows Mobile 6.5 in Action

From the UK-based Inquirer comes a video demo of Windows Mobile 6.5 in action on a HTC Touch Diamond 2. The entire experience looks to be dramatically (indeed radically) improved from WinMo 6.1.

Click here or on the image below to take a look at the video (it's about 10 minutes long). The interface has taken a cue from Zune according to the speaker. He explains, "6.5 will co-exist with [Windows Mobile] 7 when it comes out; 6.5 with be a breadth play, be a lower cost device. 7 will be a premium hardware experience." 

(In the US at least, $200 is the de facto ceiling [w/subsidy] for smartphones; will $99 then be the "lower-cost" device category he refers to?)

He says that Windows Mobile 7 will incorporate all the key user experiences in the current smartphone market including multi-touch, which to date only the Pre has (and the forthcoming Android Hero) among iPhone competitors. There's also "full flash support." Microsoft is also banking on multiple applications running in the background as a differentiator. 

There's also a discussion/demo of "My Phone," which is cloud storage for Windows Mobile devices, essentially the same as MobileMe from Apple. At the end there's a brief demonstration of "Microsoft Tag," a propreitary barcode reader/system that will be pre-installed on Windows Mobile phones. 

Windows Mobile 6.5