Social DA: Mosio Comes to Facebook

Last week we wrote about the acquisition of UK-based Texperts by DA provider kgb. We opined that this took the company (kgb) further into the realm of what I've called "social DA": distributed, real-time Q&A. ChaCha is a version of such a service. Mosio, which we wrote about a year ago, was also an early mover in the space.

Now Mosio has done something very smart; it's created a Facebook application that potentially greatly expands the reach of the service. Now you can potentially query your Facebook network on the go and ask specific or general questions:

Mosio on Facebook

This is also a logical path for Twitter to go down. 

It's fairly clear that there will be a number of services in the market offering a broad, recommendations function (Q&A) that transcends conventional mobile search and DA models. The only question here is how to best "monetize" these services.