Survey: 1 out of 7 Minutes of Media Consumption on Mobiles

According to a new joint Universal McCann-AOL study one out of every seven minutes of media consumption time is happening on mobile devices. The study was written up in AdWeek. Here are the findings:

80% of smartphone users expressed satisfaction about the quality of the Internet on their mobile devices

Why/where they use mobile:

  • 95% of respondents said they used mobile media to fill downtime
  • 82% use it at work
  • 81% while shopping
  • 80% at home
  • 65% while commuting to work


  • 73% use maps and directions
  • 55% said they participated in social networking or sought out restaurant and movie listings or reviews
  • 44% read/consume national news and information

The cross platform platform:

  • 77% said they use mobile and TV at the same time (does this replace the laptop?)
  • 55% of mobile users follow brands across multiple media 
  • 56% said they have been driven to mobile from other media
  • 42% said they have been driven from mobile to other media

Acceptance of advertising: 

  • 38% of respondents said they had taken action based on mobile ads
  • Just under 30% said mobile ads had led them to share information
  • 22% said mobile ads had influenced a purchase decision

These findings are based on a US consumer survey conducted in Q4 08 and Q1 09 among 1,800 US mobile subscribers.

What this and other studies show is that mobile is a more versatile platform and vehicle for consumers and marketers. And for smartphone users it's becoming a kind of "everything" media device.