Another Ad Forecast: Mobile Advertising Revenues $1.5 billion in 2013

Parks Associates released its mobile ad forecast, which predicts that mobile advertising revenues will reach $1.5 billion in the US and Canada by 2013. Those dollars are mostly going to be US based because of the relatively small size of the Canadian market. The IAB recently said that in 2007 Canadian mobile ad revenues were $2.7 million.

The Parks forecast reportedly includes apps, SMS, search, display and video. Our previous mobile ad forecast, which is being substantially refined, predicted ad revenues of $2.3 billion in North America by 2012.

Parks mobile ad forecast

Parks also estimated that there were 62 million smartphone users in North America in 2008, with user penetration to reach 239 million in 2013. If the combined mobile user population of the US and Canada is roughly 290 million, 62 million smartphones would represent just over 21% of the current market. That number is about 7 points too high. Smartphones are selling well and represent a key growth driver of mobile Internet adoption, but the number is closer to 14% of the market.